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Economic Package​

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Introducing An Initial Version Of Its Home-Based Water Purifier Filter Package, Ramona Group Has Launched Its First Product Line In The Field Of Water In 2020. This Package Consists Of Three Stages Of Filtration Of Household Water Purifiers

PP Filter

The pP filter is designed and manufactured from high quality materials with a permeability of 1 micron and a weight of about 160 grams and a 10-inch length to remove mud and particulate matter and extend the life of membranes.

UDF Filter

The uDF filter, with 100% active granular carbon content and the lowest amount of soot made by the US Oxpure Company, absorbs the color and taste of the water and gives you a soft taste from this vital drink.

CTO Filter

The cto filter is used in this package to absorb as much as possible soluble impurities as odor and color.